We all have a small psycho inside of us

Some people preffer to call them demons or think that they are the demons of our personality but it’s normal for our brain to expand the limit of our thinking. We can all say at some point that we had these kind of grotesque thoughts and it may have scared or we may have liked them but it doesn’t mean we should be locked up in a mental ward.
In life, some people indulge that side of them and become criminals and actually let that side expand and expand till it covers their humanity. Some just don’t manifest them and we can call them kind people because of that or maybe rational people. I guess in the end we all have choices from every thought that lingers in our brain and it’s our choice to become what we want. The rules that define our perception of bad and good, made by society influences them but in the end it’s all about what you choose.

Do you choose to let your psycho manifest or control it and cover it with a sense of morals and kindness?