Romanian hypocrisy with Covid-19

Remember a few years back when the accident from the pub Collectiv happened and everybody was crying for the innocent souls? (expect for religious dummies)

I don’t see anybody crying over the deaths from Covid-19 these days nor sharing their stories so everybody can learn from them. Yes, the deaths from Collectiv were tragic as they burned alive but so are the deaths from the virus Covid-19, because no matter how you put it, it’s still horrible to die intubated and feeling like your body has no energy for anything.

So why aren’t my lovely romanians crying over them? Because there is one slight difference that apparantely and unavoidably made them uncaring to these deaths.

When people died at Collectiv, none of the Romanians were personally affected but indirectly, emotionally affected by the tragic situation that happened. None of them had direct repercursions over the population so it was easier to care and show your care about the case itself.

The deaths from Covid-19 affected all the population as they put in an emergency state to limit the virus and the state didn’t handle all that well the situation hence the whole population was affected. People lost their jobs, stood isolated for 2 weeks or more inside the house with a few hours where they could shop and supply, people with other diseases couldn’t get any treatment at all which led to a lot of missused anger.

When Romanians get angry about something, they loose all the logic and rational thinking and so they divided into two sides: the ones that protect themselves and others and the ones that think that this virus is a conspiracy for many other conspiracies. (i bet when we get the number of 666 infected people, they will say it’s the apocalypse)

Nobody will mourn the deaths from Covid-19 because people are still affected by the rising cases and limited by the government’s laws which leads me to think of how selfish they are. In these times, you can precisely see who is altruistic and caring by nature and the persons that do it for social gratification.

I believe the virus exists because i had friends that went through it and i still hope that people will protect themselves so we can limit the deaths, limit the situation and get rid of this virus. Even if people believe in conspiracies, i think they would rather have the virus situation be done but i don’t understand why they are not doing something about it and continue to spread their ignorance but also put themselves and others in danger. You can talk about conspiracies after the pandemic is over….instead of influencing others to put themselves in danger and be just as ignorant.

After seeing people’s responses with all the conspiracies possible, i have come to the ideea that if the romanians are not held responsible for their ignorance with Covid-19, we will never be over with the virus. People that break the obliged quarantine and infect other people should be treated as a criminal offence.

Right now, the only obliged quarantine is existent to the people that are already infected or asymptomatic. We can all take the conclusion that if they break it and infect others then they are putting other people in harm’s way or even in death’s way (intentionally) so how are they different from the other criminals? They are not…

Back to the topic at hand, we have over 1000 deaths and nobody mourns them like they mourned the deaths from Collectiv, nobody cares or nobody wants to care…why? Because they have personally been affected by the repercursions so i can only conclude that they are hypocritical.