Why it’s better to not have a Facebook account!

Have you ever wondered why you meet a person on Facebook who seems to be another kind in reality or why your friend is so different when he’s speaking to other persons on the social media? Well, as much as we would hate to admit it to ourselves, facebook and social media, in general has its own negative effects on each and every one of us. Some of these effects are:

1. The ability to make multiple personalities while keeping your own, hidden
Some would say that this would not be a negative effect but take in matter the time spent on facebook and how it’s been proven that when you pretend to be someone too often, you actually start to believe it. Because of that, you might lose yourself in the personalities and actually become confused of what you really want and desire for yourself and from yourself in life.
2. The lost time spent on Facebook
We can do so many things on Facebook and find out so much information on facebook that it completely becomes addictive. People are actually sharing their life on social media and you can find out almost everything if you are friends with them. We hunger for information and facebook can provide that but it also provides us an addiction to search for more and more while losing valuable time. Instead of actually doing something productive, we decide to search for things and people on facebook.
3. As we become more social on Facebook, we become less social in real life
Facebook is practically our social dessert since we can speak up anything, including stuff we wouldn’t say without experiencing the full negative or positive results of the other person. While it’s been confirmed that online, we have more courage to say things and have specific conversations, we will tend to actually move more conversations online so we wouldn’t have to do them face to face. This is actually a bad thing since we are basically loosing courage in our social life offline and often avoid certain conversations because of the full effects that they could have on us.
4. Privacy issues are still an issue
Everybody on facebook is afraid to be hacked because as much as we had given to make a facebook account, we also contain intimate conversations. It doesn’t take an experienced hacker to read all your conversations but it could also be someone close with acces to your computer. While offline, our conversations are not archived, they sure are online.
5. The majority of trolls, perverts and criminals that you can find
Lots of people decide to do things online that they couldn’t do offline so the online media is practically dessert for everyone’s guilty pleasures. While that may sound good, most of them can use facebook to stalk people and easily harass them. Yes, you can report them to facebook security but this stuff isn’t always punished. Unfortunately, you will many trolls, many pervs or you can get in a lot of trouble if you want to meet up with someone and he’s just not what it seemed, online.
6. Facebook is an archive for informational security
Unfortunately if you ever find yourself in the case of getting in trouble with the cops, you can bet on it that they will also look on your facebook archives. You can try to delete them but even if you do, those archives are still kept for special cases. Because Facebook has archives, if someone with influence means you harm then they can use that also.
7. You might trust the private securities that Facebook has but I don’t
I remember that a while ago, Facebook introduced more privacy settings so people that aren’t your friends, couldn’t find out certain information or updates from your life. Unfortunately, they also introduced the graph search who was a cookie for stalkers. With graph search you could have found out the photos the person liked and commented on. You could also find out the places he liked and the public photos he was tagged in. They said that they removed the graph search but it still works for me.
These are some of the reasons that should make you think twice before actually making a facebook account or placing too many updates or info on it.

We all have a small psycho inside of us

Some people preffer to call them demons or think that they are the demons of our personality but it’s normal for our brain to expand the limit of our thinking. We can all say at some point that we had these kind of grotesque thoughts and it may have scared or we may have liked them but it doesn’t mean we should be locked up in a mental ward.
In life, some people indulge that side of them and become criminals and actually let that side expand and expand till it covers their humanity. Some just don’t manifest them and we can call them kind people because of that or maybe rational people. I guess in the end we all have choices from every thought that lingers in our brain and it’s our choice to become what we want. The rules that define our perception of bad and good, made by society influences them but in the end it’s all about what you choose.

Do you choose to let your psycho manifest or control it and cover it with a sense of morals and kindness?