Fifty shades of Grey or 50 shades of stupidity!

I was wondering if to write or not to write this article but since i’ve read many stupid people, i will at least for their sake so they can actually realize that their actions don’t have the logical outcome.

So, the story begins like this:

This author, E. L. James had decided to write fanfiction which contained a highly sexual part if not more than 50 % of it but she decided she wouldn’t do it the normal way. She decided to make this book about an abusive relationship because it was probably one of her fantasies. Nothing wrong there since i’ve read my share of erotica which contained abuse just for the kicks of it.

So she went to her editor and presented her book which he took it, read it and decided it could have a great succes but not because it was highly sexual. It’s succes was going to come because it actually exploited something that it is still a tabu and that is the graphic sex scenes that included BDSM. While the author considered her book still a fantasy, the publishing decided to review this book as revolutionary in sex. All good to the fact that in time, the media wasn’t satisfied and after people read it, they decided to focus on the tabu part. All of this while the author was giving interviews where she did specify that this book wasn’t a model for sex or bdsm but nothing more than a developed fanfic.

So the book was released and a lot of feminists jumped out of their asses that the book is about domestic violence then about abuse and claimed that the author admit that. Are you crazy? why would she ruin her fantasy to complete the ego of survivors of domestic abuse whom frankly she should not even care. Do you know why? Because people need to differentiate between a book which is pure fantasy and a real life situation. Smart people wont start to take the main characters as models and the most will be that they will fantasize about one of them.  Stupid people will take the book seriously and condemn it for not applying into the normal type of erotic romance.

Moving on, the book had a tremendous succes and they decided to do a movie about it. Sure thing but the pages kept filling with 50 shades of abuse and that usually means you give google more keywords to relate it too. So, the book is about an unhealthy relationship which we actually knew directly from the author which never claims that the book should be a model.

The tricky thing is that their marketing contained welcoming messages to explore the unknown and many people took it as a sign that this is a model book which is not but the interpretations of the book had changed from fantasy to sexual model.

Is it the authors fault? NO

It’s the media and the public fault entirely for the made up brand and perverted view about the book and it’s more funny how they actually complain about it.

The movie came out and i heard it was horse shit but i did find out that many people went to this movie because they wanted to see if the abuse was for real or simply to make fun of it. My point is that all this negative attention only brought more people to view in the movie and all this fuss about a Woman’s fantasy is pointless and childish and most of all, it did the opposite of what those anti-abusers wanted.

When you bring so much negative fuss about a book or about a movie, the media would be foolish to not use it so in other words you get manipulated. You made the site 50 shades of abuse, they made an article and used it to stir up the curiosity of their viewers and bring in new viewers. In other words most of the people that say that the book is about abuse, have read that book in order to  help with the cause of showing how it glorifies abuse. How did they help the cause? By reading that damn book and bringing more money to the author.

What you people need to understand that whatever kind of attention you guys brought or hope to bring in the future, you’re only being manipulated and media will use that attention and your cause will be lost.

To get rid of something, you make it that it’s going to be forgotten or ignored so in other words you stop giving it attention and maybe in one year or two, people wont even care to remember. If you continue to give it attention, then it will become more and more famous.

Remember readers, this book is a fantasy and nobody is allowed to judge someone’s fantasy unless it’s that awfull as in murder, rape and it’s actually becoming reality. Get that head our of your asses and put some smart glasses on to realize that this is only a book and not even that.