Romanians are coming: Britain’s uncultured science fiction show

Have you seen the show Romanians are coming? Well, if you have then how about i tell you a bit of history since it seems that the Brittish people who made that show, lack serious culture.

Let’s begin with who are romanians and who are gypsyes?

Romanians are first and foremost the people who live in Romania but who are we really? We’re a country with corupt politicians, with a serious animal control problem, sometimes a country of jerks and bimbos but also a country full of great people. Yes, every country has it’s bad sides and so do we but that shouldn’t portray every romanian.

Who are the gypsyes? Gypsyes originally came from Northern India and well, they decided to invade several countries in Europe around 1000 years ago.

This, my friends is the first fault of the show „Romanians are coming” because they don’t differentiate gypsyes from Romanians and you can clearly see at the begining of the show that the guy says that he’s a gypsy. Just because they are from the country Romania, should we judge them as Romanians? I’d say no because they are a minority and every person with a bit of intelligence knows that a minority doesn’t make a country, right? Are the British intelligent for that show? No, they are pretty much trying to put a bad name to our country because while they and other countries have grown pitty towards the gypsies, they can’t control them either when placed against the situation.

I’m wondering, do the British know even who are the Romanians walking among them? The brilliant students from their colleges or even our great people that made a historical difference in different domains? Let’s recall those people so we can teach the British who we are and maybe next time, they wont make these silly mistakes.

For more of great Romanians, we have wikipedia 😉

Just because we are a poor country with a gypsy problem, doesn’t mean that we are a country of dum people or thieves but that documentary prooves that even Britain has it’s flaws .oh boy, those are deep flaws if they can’t even inform themselves or lack so much historical information.

Moving on, this show not only defamates our country but also it wants to represent the state that we live in. Well, dears you only filmed the bad streets of the town because i’m pretty sure that it doesn’t look like that. People actually live in a Home and not in tents. You see, even the beggars have started to lessen because people stop giving them money.

After so many years of seeing the gypsies and having encounteres with them, we learned how to actually deal with them so their option was to travel. We stopped being so naive so they travelled to Britain and other countries whom are not used to them. Basically, you guys are fresh meat.

Eventhough now i’m talking badly of them, i will admit that there are some who deserve all admiration and whom are brilliant, moral and have ended in high places that they deserve. There aren’t many but those deserved to be praised and i bet even they are not agreeing to be compared to the gypsies that Britain has shown in their show.

So please, Britain take a history book and stop making these silly mistakes because it doesn’t make us look bad as much as it makes you.

#rockthecrop or how to express your frustrations.

Has anyone seen this twitter trend lately? You might think it’s all with good intentions but i highly doubt it and after spending some time reading, I came to some conclusions.

Definition of fashion: a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.

Let’s take this definition which tells us that it’s non related to the human emotion but only to the body. So, regarding that… we have specialists in fashion that give you advice on how to match clothes, on the chrome, the model, the size and then we have #rockthecrop. What i’m saying is that #rockthecrop is a movement not meant to inspire or even show that you look good in crops. This is a movement meant to empower plus size women emotionally. It’s unrelated to fashion itself or even to body shaming.

What does fashion have to do emotion, ladies and gents? NOTHING.

So, we have these women thinking it’s right to bash someone and call out that they have been body shaming? Really? Just because it’s actually an old fashion tip, you have to come to bash out this guy for that one statement ( if, and only if) . Why bash him? not because you have better fashion advices but because it created an emotional frustration that you’re told not to do something. Let’s be real.. how many from #rockthecrop wear crops at least 2 times a week? I assume, not many but all of them came out today to prove they are righteous and beautifull. What does fashion have to do with the beauty of women? Basically NOTHING.

Why? Because the only beauty found in fashion is the material, superficial beauty of the combined clothes or garments themselves. So how is it that people can’t be rational enough to understand that this is a movement that is actually unrelated to the topic itself. This is the movement of frustrated women who instead of bringing out a new fashion trend, they try to change the old ones. It’s so hard to bring out new fashion trends right? So damn hard.

This is a movement that is full of emotional vibrations in a domain unrelated to it. This is not body shaming, this is not even fat shaming, this is fashion and accept it or not, it’s not a domain supposed to pamper your emotions.

If you actually watch the discussions on twitterl, at #rockthecrop you will see messages like:

Watching talk about – You go ladies! Let’s put an end to body shaming and be

Yes, because one fashionists opinion is body shaming, no matter how many years of excperience he has in his back in this proffession.

„Fat isn’t cute” yet, here I am fatter than ever and ready to steal your girl and your crop tops.

Release the Krakken, i mean built up frustration.

I’m doing it this weekend. Fuck anybody who has the nerve to tell me what I can’t do. Bitch I’m me! Slay ladies!

 This is like actually telling a tennager ” don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t be rude” and he does all of them for the pure reason that he was told not to do them.

HELLZ YEAH FEMALES – can’t wait to get home and crop-top the shit out of my confidence.

Let’s not go to the fact that you couldn’t tell anyone a different opinion tthat the topic would go to being insulted, exaggerating to the point where if you criticize you could make someone go suicidal. ( i laughed so much when i first read that). Oh, and forget expressing your opinion if you disagree because that’s freedom of speech, right? I highly doubt it.  So yes most people have freedom of speech but don’t you dare have a freedom of speech if you disagree with them.
That’s the messed up world in which we live in today.

Harry Potter: The movies

My new hobby was to watch the movies lately all over again because as much as they were criticized, they did have an impact on the teenagers.

So i did watch them and tried to remember exactly what i liked about them that made them so special back then and even now. The first time i read the books, i was completely fascinated by them and caught in the world that the author described. So to take it to the next step of criticising them, i’ll have to compare them to the other fantasy movies or books.

1. Most books tend to depict fantasy characters as being very different from the rest of the normal world. They describe them so differently that they seem so far away from real human beings sometimes. Here, the characters are depicted humanly with normal reactions but with a spark of magic. They don’t describe their personality as being different from a normal being but actually quite simmilar. Harry has the personality of the orphan boy that is unwanted by what’s left of his family. Ron is being described as the boy that comes from a poor family with lots of insecurities and Hermione as the typical smartass. Most of the characters have a pattern of personalities that they follow so when the books describe Hogwarts, it only seems like a normal school space filled with teenage conflicts.

2.Unlike other books, there is no concept of different worlds. The world is simply one and one only differenced only by the concept of normal and fantasy. The book actually brings together the ideea of binding what seems normal with the concept of fantasy so because of that, the idea influences you that somehow there’s a big possibility that all of this could be real.

3. Eventhough in the boooks, Harry is described as being the chosen one, there actually is no chosen one. There never is a chosen one because it’s always a triangle and the chosen one doesn’t have special powers that he was born with. It’s all described as being the process of several actions. It’s all described as a process that could easily be redone and could easily create more chosen ones. The only thing that makes Harry the hero is his personality, hero complex and his thirst for vengeance. If you also pay attention, the negative character is not special either but merely intelligent enough to make himself be special.

4.The conflict is a general one found in many movies and that is the battle between good and evil. That is the main conflict but besides it, the movies contain general teenage conflicts. One of the things that makes the movies good is the fact that the conflicts come so naturally because of the characters well described personality. One of the most natural conflicts from all the movies was when Ron became jealous of his friend for the fame, attention and lack of attention. Why was it so naturally? Because it came from Ron’s fear of loosing his friend and the author did not overdue this conflict. In most teenage movies, this conflict comes with backstabbing and becoming enemies for a while. The author did not do that because it was not in Ron’s nature but also because usually these things are exaggerated to catch more attention.

5. The movies actually let the characters evolve and grow mature. You don’t see them go sideways and have 180 degrees changes but natural changes. Their personality grows and flourishes due to the circumstances in which they are put in without affecting any personality traits.

6.The fantasy animals from this movie do not stray from their mythological knowledge. You don’t see dragons acting like cats or spiders acting like puppies. You don’t see snakes acting scared but mischievious and cruel as they are in the normal world.

7. Eventhough they were 8 movies, the books stopped in time and the adventure finished without exaggerating, straying from the story or loosing it’s substance.

Overall, the movies were good but the books were better so there are a few cons that i want to specify about the movies.

1. The main actor was not that great in the first three movies and some of the reactions were poorly acted.

2.Relationships flourished too quickly and some vanished as quickly as they came not really showing the normal changes or psychological reactions they had on the character, for example: Krum and Hermione or Cho and Harry.

3.The movies leave no room for clues or presumptions. In the book with the half blood prince there were many clues that actually led you to believe Proffesor Snape was him but the movie did not gave us any of those.

So these are my main thoughts, enjoy! I do recommend any kid or teenager to see these movies because it’s a pleasant imaginary experience.

Lacomia, rautatea si educatia oameniilor.

Din intamplari recente si foarte multe discutii citite in general, mai ales pe internet am ajuns la cateva concluzii si diferente intre noi si sistemele de dinafara.

Nimeni nu afirma ca exista tari perfecte fara maracini fiindca nu exista, dar noi parca le dam prea multa incurajare sa creasca si sa se inmulteasca.

1.Oamenii sunt lacomi si acaparatori ceea ce n-ar fi nici o problema daca lacomia lor n-ar afecta si pe altii. Caz general de a construi un oras pe un teritoriu nou al naturii si sa zici ca te invadeaza dupa aia ursii. Pey, buei baiete tu ai fost cel care ai invadat habitatul lor natural si l-ai distrus, nu ei. Problema majora stiti care este? Sunt multe orase in Romania care pe timpul iernii abia ca vezi 2 sau 3 luminite intr-un bloc intreg. In alte tari sunt orase fantoma care efectiv nu mai au niciun pic de utilitate in mediul urban dar stau acolo.  Din cauza acestor lacomii incepem sa vedem usor usor efectele naturii care pana la urma reactioneaza la aceste schimbari. Bun, trecem mai departe … daca exista orase fantoma, de ce n-au incercat oamenii acestia lacomi sa dea inapoi terenul sau cladirile care chiar nu mai au nevoie, inapoi naturii si sa creasca inapoi macar un pic din ce era inainte sa vina omul si sa distruga tot. Tot pe aceasta idee a lacomiei putem observa in continuare cum sunt construite cladiri sau distruse alte habitate naturale pentru bani si putere fiindca la noi, pana nu ajungem in punctul critic, nu ne saturam.

2. Educatia copiilor din ziua de azi. Copii sunt frumosi si cateodata foarte dulci dar ce educatie am inceput noi sa le dam ca adulti? Vad putoi de 10-15 ani care au rautatea unor serpii si considera ca aceste lucruri sunt normale si acceptate de societate.  De cand a devenit rautatea o normalitate la fel si cu cruzimea si de ce nu sunt implementate consecintele? De ce poti vedea copii chinuind animale si parinti mandri de acestia? Am si eu o intrebare… ce cresteti acasa? copii sau psihopati? fiindca daca aceste lucruri  devin acceptate sa nu va mirati cand o sa va primiti o mama de bataie din partea copilului ca nu i-ati satisfacut cine stie ce nevoie.  Ah ce? credeati ca aceasta cruzime si rautate va fi limitata ? N-aveti nici cea mai vaga idee cat va inselati.

Revenind, unde este educatia moralitatii si a valorilor morale ? Unde este educatia emptatiei intre oamenii, animale si ei insusi? Unde sunt toate aceste lucruri pe care un copil mic ar trebui sa le invete ca sa aiba un anumit pachet de cultura si sa fie capabil sa distinga raul de bine? Unde? Uite asta e una din diferentele dintre noi si alte tarii. Noi suntem inca inapoiati in aceste lucruri si majoritatea oameniilor nici macar nu stiu ce este acel lucru numit „inteligenta emotionala”. Pentru noi este foarte ok sa fim rai, sa injuram, sa chinuim si nici macar pentru o secunda nu ne gandim ca aceste lucruri nu sunt ok.

Haideti sa luam una din cele mai obisnuite discutii ale omului vs cainele comunitar, ok? Pai, daca am fi avut educatia utopica de a dezbate in scopul gasirii unei cai de mijloc si nu in scopul de a avea dreptate, n-am mai fi ajuns la eutanasiere. Alte tari au gandirea formata de grup in care analizeaza un lucru si gasesc o solutie care sa aduca beneficii tuturor chiar daca nu sunt de acord cu ea. Asta este o gandire de societate pe care noi inca nu o avem dezvoltata deloc. Credeti ca s-ar mai fi ajuns la eutanasiere daca toti oamenii care au fost si n-au fost de acord cu sterilizarea cainilor, si-ar fi miscat curul de la calculator si ar ajutat la prinderea si castrarea lor? Probabil ca nu s-ar fi ajuns la asta dar noua ne place sa ne plangem mai mult decat sa facem ceva. O alta chestie e mentalitatea stupida a oameniilor de bloc cu pisicile. Majoritatea vor sa scape de pisici, fac scandal celor care le dau sa manance, sunt deranjati de purici dar nimeni nu da nimic sau nu ajuta cu nimic ca acele pisici sa fie date spre adoptie sau sterilizare. De ce? Zgarcenie.. prostie..nepasare ca sa ajungi intr-un punct in care sunt prea multe si sa propui eutanasierea nu? Pai normal, fiindca lene, prostie si cruzime. Apropo… o nota la acest lucru este ca oamenii nu cunosc importanta pisicilor vagaboande care te apara de soareci si sobolani. Doar fiindca tu le-ai mangaiat o data nu inseamna ca si-au pierdut instinctele de vanator sau ca le-ai domesticit.

Cam asta e educatia de la noi… nu face nimic pana nu ajungi in punct critic si apoi incurajeaza psihopatii fiindca asta vrem noi sa crestem ca tara nu? Poate va treziti … poate.

3. Ne dam mult prea multa importanta si ne scuzam actele de cruzime sau rautate pe supravietuire. Consideram ca noi suntem in varful lantului trofic si ca putem face orice fara sa fie vreo consecinta. E bine, nu este chiar asa si odata ce o sa intelegeti ca pentru fiecare actiune exista si o consecinta, atunci nu o sa va mai mirati de ce am zis mai sus ca suntem inapoiati ca tara. Atunci cand tu ca om omori sau scapi de cainii vagabonzi de pe strada, clar se vor inmulti pisicile. Daca tu scapi in schimb de pisici, se vor inmulti sobolanii si soareci ( toate bolile letale si toti parazitii ii gasesti la ei). Daca tu ca om iti cresti copilul sub semnul ca este cel mai important, la un moment dat o sa se comporte ca atare si statutul tau de parinte o sa fie nesemnificativ fiindca nu o sa ai loc de persoana si nevoile sale care or sa fie intotdeauna primele. Daca distrugi toti copacii dintr-o zona o sa vezi ca o sa fie o atmosfera mult mai calda si mai sufocanta in locul unde nu sunt copaci, Orice ai face, trebuie sa existe un echilibru, dar din pacate am prea multe asteptari din partea oameniilor din Romania 🙂

Atunci cand vad ca un putoi de 20 de ani pe strada il face pe unu zoofil jegos ca i-a dat unei  pisici de mancare, atunci iti dai seama in ce fel de tara traim. O tara in care oamenii folosesc jignirile dupa cum nu prea ii  duce neuronul ( etimologia cuvintelor e mult prea grea) si tot ce le trece prin minte este sa omoare, sa chinuie si sa se creada importanti fiindca sunt incapabili de a-si misca curu sa ajute la o solutie decenta si umana si este mult mai usor sa jignesti si sa dai din gura ca un papagal cu un bat in fund.  Asta este tara in care traim! Abia astept cand oamenii vor fi fortati de catre alte tari sa-si dezvolte moralitatea si principiile ca sa evolueze ca popor si ca societate, iar aceste lucuri vor fi demonizate si pedepsite.