Today’s activists and the herd logic

There is a type of thinking that has been spreading through most of the activist groups especially on social media and that is called the herd thinking. This herd thinking is mostly given by a few characteristics which you will always find present in any discussion with a proclaimed activist. Also, i do differentiate between activists that do not use harmful means to reach their pourpose and the ones that do. Here, we talk about the ones that use harmful or unethical means to reach their pourpose.

1.Quick to judge without any basis than the point of disagreeing with their opinions. So, if you don’t agree with their opinion and you actually speak out than you will be judged or clasified by them under no basis and they will ignore everything you said even if you actually make a good point. Let’s see an example on that:

For the record, it only took me less than 10 minutes to provoke a quick to judge reaction from one of them only by disagreeing with their opinion. Because i said that people defended on their free speech right when that was taken, she easily judged me as being an internal mysoginist based on no action or basis. Just so you know, internal mysoginy is one of their favorite comeback arguments because it’s so general and cannot be prooven/ unprooven. So regarding that, you can see that my first response was entirely unrelated to what she actually said.


2. Their counter arguments are their personal projections.  So the example up shows you exactly how this person projects their personal beliefs that were simply unrelated to the topic at hand. What is projecting? Projecting is when you bring in and project your own beliefs, personal opinions and issues onto other people. Projecting has no place in a common discussion and debate because it has been proven that personal issues, judgementals with no basis will ruin any discussion from the start. So why do people like this have so much credibility? From what i’ve seen it’s easier to influence people who are not educated on that part because all the logic seems simpler and true for that matter. When people do start to get more information on it, they actually start to question that logic.


3.When you do get to debate with one of them, you need to expect a few things that will happen. First of all, that person will chase it’s tail to prove otherwise but will also ignore some of your arguments. Yesterday i was telling someone that books based on true stories have that written in their description otherwise they are fiction. That person ignored my argument and continued to show examples from that book even after i told him that. So what does that make of this person? a herd mentality person who can’t actually counter argument.

4.The herd mentality will extrapolate. You will be judged for assumed things and imaginary arguments that they find as being real even if they are not. So expect to be the pro rapist, sexist, misoginist, criminal offender even if you’re not actually picking any team. (because in arguments people expect you to pick a team;…why should you actually be in the grey area and calculate this on your own judgement )

5. Even if they do consider that they do not manipulate opinions, they actually do. It is a difference when you say ” sign this petition if you think x has harmful opinions, whatever to society” and another thing to say ” Sign this because x is a Rapist and he admited in his book that he raped someone”. Well that’s a clear sign of manipulation since that is a false accusation on a proof that would not stand in any court because the book did not say the examples were  real so basically they could be a figment of his imagination.

These are 5 reasons why activists have a herd mentality and why they should not be encouraged nor engaged upon. Oh by the way, if you do engage, always be ready for the incoming insults. They have no limit.