Essence vs fame

So, if everybody noticed, the new Taylor Swift song appeared a couple of hours ago and everybody went crazy for it. Since i’m in a different timeline, i just got to watch it and honestly, i didn’t listen to the song before so the song also was a surprise for me.

Unfortunately, it was not a pleasant surprise and Taylor actually disappointed me on this one. So, we already know that most of the songs from her album are about her feud with the rapper Kanye West in which honestly, they both tried to manipulate the situation but let’s get over it and get back to the song, shall we?

What Taylor Swift doesn’t understand is that, she’s sexy, she’s glamorous and she’s also bad ass without trying so hard. It felt like in this video she tried so hard to be something else and lost that essence that some of us came to love about her. Back in the past, hip hop influences or rap influences used to have a story about the social, political or economical struggles but now they are blatantly used in the video to try and make Swift’s personna look fierce. The whole video seems to be about making Swift trying to look bad when she actually isn’t and it’s a conflict upon her image. You can’t make someone look fierce in a karaoke bar, a glamorous party with soap bubbles and a rubik’s cube on someone’s head.

Let’s not mention that the video has nothing, absolutely nothing in common with the song because there are two different stories. Somehow she is trying to integrate the song’s story which is mostly about a famous chick who wants to be everything to someone but she has a lot of history and people who try to lash at her for her fame. Ok, so the video is about parties and hanging out with your friends while trying to look bad ass on a motorcycle. How are those two related? There are literally two different stories which don’t connect unless you put out the word fame and everybody will say it has hidden metaphors. It doesn’t….it’s just a lack of connection between Taylor Swift’s song and Joseph Kahn’s visual idea. You can’t make someone look bad without breaking any rules and the video just… didn’t break any rules, it seemed what normal people would do ( except the motorcycle race which didn’t quite look like a race at all)

Now, another problem of mine as stated before is with Taylor Swift’s trying to rap lyrics which are a total mess.

„I hit you like bang, we tried to forget it, but we just couldn’t
And I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I put ‘em” I feel like a Jigglypuff from Pokemon is trying to hit me with these lyrics.

„Reputation precedes me, they told you I’m crazy
I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves me” Ok, here comes the Taylor Swift crazy people !!! She’s crazy and then she’s not … it’s just the drama that loves her so she pretends to be crazy and a victim of the drama, at the same time.

„And I can’t let you go, your hand prints on my soul
It’s like your eyes are liquor, it’s like your body is gold” This is where you , Taylor completely lost me because your lyrics go lovey dovey instead of actually continuing on the line you started. Oh hey, Jigglypuff will rap about being crazy to her enemies and then being addicted to a guy? I’m confused, how did it switch so fast?

Mrs. Taylor you really need to get your genres straight because you can’t just mix them up like this and expect it not to be a confusing mess. At least in the video ” Look what you made me do”, you had your story right and you actually looked bad ass because you had all the right elements for your story and song but in the new video? I’m highly disappointed by your attempt to combine that innocent, good girl look with the bad side which was portrayed very wrong. If you want to combine two elements then you have the underline them very strongly but you didn’t. It looks more like you tried to make a song about fame and enemies but then you quickly switched it to a wannabe love song and got the video „End Game”.

By the way, how can you say in your lyrics that you don’t want to miss someone, you don’t want to hurt them but you want to enjoy the moment and that you’re not a player. Honey, when you’re not a player, and you really want to be his A-team …you’re gonna miss them in time (especially when your song is about the future) and can’t claim not to be playing when you’re speaking of a lack of emotion type connection. Your whole song is a controversy of being and not being. Basically, it’s message is nothing because you can’t decide on something.

As much as i usually enjoy Taylor Swift’s songs, this one really let me down and she’s not Da Vinci enough to make sense either.