Boredom post

I have not done a post for a long time, I know!
My hobby of arguing with the extremists has not yet diminished, just as the lack of time reduces the volume of material so I have been looking for another way to waste energy or say to evolve certain skills.
I sometimes need to write quickly to work, and preferably best, before grabbing my artwork with a little spelling and how it’s a bit difficult in the morning to start speeding while the brain is not yet awake.
That’s why I made a 10-15 minute habit while drinking coffee so i can use my time doing something pleasant and exercise my typing skills.

and it has Captchas! All kinds of them!
Yes, I found a site that you only do them and it actually pays, so why not?
On this occasion, you also have statistics that you can see and how many mistakes you made when it’s the case, but also the speed with which you wrote that jibberish of letters and numbers. My only problem is that it also gives you characters in other languages, and you don’t have much of a choice but to give „Do not know” which is okay, as long as you do not use it too often.
I did not have to search many sites for taking some of the top of those who are not scam because the internet is generally scam. I told you when I tried to order a superhero suit and for 5 months, did not come at all? That’s how I taught myself to do a little research before.

So the site I use is called ProTypers and is very easy to use.
The platform is very user friendly and you have on the left, all the tabs needed to get or see the statistics, the contests you went into, the affiliate codes and the guidebooks.
Depending on the day schedule you choose to make CAPTCHAS you have a certain income for 1000 resolved captchas that starts at $ 0.50 and can go up to $ 1 and if I remember correctly, $ 1.4 if you give the captcha puzzle type.
It would be recommend to check the statistics tabs and see which are the hours that pay best and work from there.
You can go into contests and actually win some but be careful, when you do a wrong Captcha it multiplies it with 20 and takes it out of your total score so i recommend accuracy instead of speed in contests.

What i don’t like about it is the windows app because it basically shat on my accuracy and it’s something that fucks you up if you don’t have a stable internet connection or it loads hard. You miss out on the time and end up working for nothing so from my point of view, stay away from the typesolver because it’s in beta version and it doesn’t work.

Anyhow, can’t give you anymore tips on this but have fun if you decide to join and do some captchas.