Feminists and their quest to ban freedom of speech

Nowadays, there has been a lot of controversy from people regarding a famous blogger named „Roosh” which actually has gotten me very intrigued about this problem. I actually spent time looking on his blog posts from these days but also on his older blog posts to see if there is a difference. What i can say since this is a personal blog, is that the difference from his 2-3 year older posts is that the content was softer and you could actually see less posts about women than you see now on the first 30 pages of his blog. People actually don’t see that their controversy about certain posts will actually make a writer seek more content related to it so it’s only natural that he has started to write more posts regarding females.

Recently i read one of his posts about the model Tess Munster who is an obese model. The article was written not necessarily in an aggresive or misoginistic way but in a fact based reality way. Any good doctor will tell you that this women who are obese are not healthy and any rational person would know based on that fact that obesity is not something you should promote to kids these days. Regarding this article, Roosh is harsh but he’s also right and the fact that it actually caused controversy within the feminist side, it is as he says that they live in a world of delusions. It is funny though how they act upon his harsh writings and yet you see articles on daily dot with ” 10 problems a person with stick legs wont encounter”. Is this not body shaming too? or does it only apply to fat people because people actually call them fat. Wow, double standards much? or maybe we don’t know it yet but only feminists are allowed to have freedom of speech.

On another side he released some books that stirred up more controversy on the fact that he is actually promoting rape because he doesn’t express what the world would do but his thoughts and desires on certain situations. Yes, they might include rape and yes his thoughts can lead to that but yet his actions have not lead to that so there is a big difference between actions and thoughts. If he actually were a rapists as feminists called him than he would be in jail but yet he did no such thing and yet he did nothing to be seen as a „criminal charge” so really, what is the problem? Yes, he writes down on his blog offensive things and thoughts but in the end, it’s his blog and the only naive creatures are the feminists who bring more and more advertising to his blog. Now, they are trying to actually ban his books or probably take down his blog because genius feminists only believe in their own freedom of speech. Roosh mate, if you read this you should probably thank those feminists for their part in advertising you and making you a more succesfull blogger. Good job.

Now, let’s go to the feminist actions that you could probably recognize as comunist type of actions that were being done in comunist countries. I live in one that has actually been through a period of comunism so i do quite recognise this type of mentality. The only difference between the feminists and the comunists is that feminists can’t shoot you without facing criminal charges but all the facts and actions lead to this type of mentality that has never been good for any country that actually celebrates freedom of speech. Regarding the so called offensive books, well i can give you more than 10 authors that write really mindblowing offensive books regarding rape and yet nobody has spoken about it. Here is a small list about it: https://litreactor.com/columns/12-hysterical-offensive-ridiculous-controversial-frightening-sexy-book-covers. I just want to see campaigns to make the stores ban those books like they are actually trying to do with Roosh’s books. Hell i wanna see these campaigns of „let’s ban books we don’t like” trying to ban „the story of O ” or all the horror erotica that actually include rape, zoofilia and other weird shit but they won’t be banned because they were not writen by a famous blogger. Instead these brainiac feminists focus on a famous blogger who is clearly using their negative opinions to make himself more popular. How is this relevant? Well … it’s relevant when you think they are trying to get a book banned ( a pickup line book) when there are other books who include pedophilia, zoofilia, rape and other banable things still on the market and being left alone.

So again, i will say good job to you Roosh for using all these feminist hysteria in your own detriment and for continuing to use it and debunk it in your blog posts. I may not agree with all your opinions but that is the reason why we are different human beings and why we both have freedom of speech. So don’t you dare be let down by these comunist feminists who are trying to ban your freedom of speech.