Comic Con in Bucharest

So, i’ve recently went to Comic Con in Bucharest and wanted to do a resumee about this badly organized event. Firstly, you walk towards the building to see many people gathered around the entrance. So, the entrance was like this: there were doors in which you would go in but couldn’t get out and doors on which you would go out but can’t get in. The only problem was that there were also unopened doors between them so everybody had to squish around at the end of the line to get in or out.

Really? you just can’t open those doors for people to like have more space and thin the line? One guy even got upset about it and the guard was like ” what do you think, you’re smart?”. Well, basically the guy was smarter than the guard. So, besides that, you go in and start to look around at the stands , the organised event but at some point, you want to take a seat to relax right? No, because the seats were full of foot marks. Yes, foot marks of 11-12 year old children who literally climbed upon them to see contests or to be higher viewed in the contest. Is this for real? Please, Comic Con take out the seats next time and stop giving us a false hope of relaxing.

Well, 2 strikes untill now Comic Con and the third is a personal strike. I have not seen many Comic character cosplays as i’ve seen League of Legends Cosplayers. In other countries common sense makes people cosplay related to the event not to what they want but i guess here, it’s the other way around. Don’t get me wrong, i love a good league of legends cosplay but at Dreamhack and other events related to gaming not to comics. It’s not right and there are many who didn’t even try to make a good cosplay so we could call those a cheep o cosplay.

So people please… respect the event and try to make it better next time!

Also, along these day, i’ve seen many articles about Comic Con and one of them was created by by the journalist Radu Alexandru who basically has no ideea what being a journalist means. I also found a youtube video of him saying he likes to annoy people and how he is a troll who actually likes intelligent insults. Then i looked on facebook and saw a discussion between him and a girl where the girl was making fun of him. The funny thing was that he insulted and she kept making fun of him, turning around his every insult. For someone who pretends to be suh a smart ass, he’s pretty short of comebacks.

It may seem that got banned from Eastern European Comic Con so good job Radu Alexandru!