Feminism and equality are like two sticks that never meet.

Lately, i have seen more feminism articles then i see posts on forums which is actually annoying because most of the posts are shit. For instance, one feminism calls out Jurassic World as being a sexist movie and her only logical reason for it was ” the main female character is a stone cold frigid woman who gets her clock ticking at the end of the movie”. Yes, it’s exactly as stupid as it sounds and i won’t even try to debate why because the movie doesn’t see seeking confort in a personal life as being wrong after a traumatic event, just feminists do.

So, let’s take a look at Daily Dot which is a newspaper that lately has been filled with feminist articles and we shall take two examples. A few months ago an article with a girl getting revenge on her cheating boyfriend appeared and daily dot was like ” You go Girl” and glorifying the event. Today, an article with ” boyfriend gets revenge on cheating girlfriend appeared ” and Daily Dot shared it on facebook with the words „real mature”. This is an example of the equality that the feminists promote nowadays. Promote isn’t even the right word since all they do is called a „propaganda” which is supposed to be illegal but oh well. Daily Dot, we recommend you get new writers that aren’t so plain subjective. That’s if … you don’t want to resort to having only feminists followers, do you Daily Dot? Feminism

Besides that, this week we had a reporter who went to a slut walk and actually confronted the feminists logic with statistics and facts. Guess what happened, she got pushed around and they actually tried to silence her opinions. How? They wrote a petition full of lies which have been uncovered after and tried to run her out. How is this normal? The girl didn’t bully, didn’t insult anyone of them and yet the feminists accused her of trying to silence their opinions when that’s exactly what they did to her. The thing that bothered them most also was that some guys after giving consent sent the host to withdraw consent. Hello? When you give consent for an interview, you can’t take it back unless it brings harm to your image, reputation or enviromment. Also, why those guys that gave consent didn’t have their own balls to ask Lauren themselves to take them out of the interviews. Hello, who cut your balls guys? The feminists?

Also, what are the reasons for these slut walks. I mean, how do you think you can change the view on a woman’s body and prevent rape? Oh, you want to provoke rape by dressing as provocatively as you can and actually draw attention? Because it’s exactly what you’re doing and rapists don’t care about the fact that it’s your body. Rapists don’t care about your person but only about their desire. They act upon their desire and instinct so putting yourselves dressed like that at a slut walk is like putting a target on your head. You want a random rapist to see you, get obsesed over you because they saw more half of your body at a slut walk, well you’re doing it right then. Also, how dare you also bring out minors to such an event.How idiotic can you be to actually do that….

There are so many reasons why i’m not a feminists and these happenings do nothing but encourage me to never be a feminist because it’s never about gender equality.

Women are privileged and we all know that. The law privileges them in custody, sentences and even professionally. They are privileged at work places and their careers but also even in divorces. And they want more rights yeah? Yes, they do because they want people to stop making jokes about them or about women in general. Because you know, my male friends always get upset when i do funny jokes about males. Newsflash, they don’t because they know how to make a difference between humor and reality. Feminists don’t because in all matter, their manner of acting could be compared to comunism only this would be a „vagina comunism” for these reasons:

1. They don’t accept different opinions then theirs and instead of debating, they bully the person who had it.

2. They try to brainwash you with the vision of gender equality but you can clearly see in their actions or words that it’s all about the female supremacy. See example with the article up ^^.

3. They want people to act normal to them but they only know how to bully, push, shove and try and do the worst to a person whom they don’t like.

4.They are so indoctrinated by their own views that they cannot phantom the liberty for other views.

I’ll just end this article with two video that i think everyone should see and learn from it. What feminism used to be an evolution, now it’s only an involution.

People, if you believe so much in feminism, real feminism then change the countries that actually discriminate women not the countries that give them equality. If not..then feminists you are not but FemiNazi.

By the way, the feminists managed to run this chick off youtube. FemiNazi much? The chick in the video up ^^