The problem with obesity

This is going to be a jackass article made for the people that get offended because they are called fat or obese then blame it on genetics.I’ve read a lot of responses from people who are overweight and constantly blame it on emotional excuses that enable them to not do something good for themselves. There are an amount of test studies that indeed reveal that genetics play a part in people’s obesity but there is one thing that most of the studies fail to actually study.

  1. The differences between the countries with an obesity percentage over 40% and the ones who have under 20%.      . This is one of the most recent studies i’ve found that shows you the difference between countries in obesity percentages. We will avoid the African countries since they are influenced a lot by a hunger crisis so we’ll take the others. If you see, most of the Asian countries had such a low percentage even under or 5 %. Maybe the asians have a better immune system or maybe not since studies show that they are more prone to get diseases if overweight than other races ( Let’s pass that and take the europeans who belong to the white races which in 2013 made up for 77.4 % of the American population census. We have countries like: Romania, Switzerland, Italy and France who have a percentage of 15% or under. So if it were to be genetics, then why is the difference gap so big? of almost 25% between these countries and the Americans? It clearly isn’t all about genetics otherwise most of the people would be affected as much. Genetics do play a role in obesity in actual two syndroms but that is a small percentage.
  2. The behavioral aspect is mostly ignored and studies focus more on genetics. If you see most of the studies, they focus more on the genetics of obese cells and how to turn them off or if it’s something that they can change but they fail to focus on the behavioral aspect at least until they succed in medicine to change those cells. Most people say that diet and exercise don’t affect their lifestyle or weight but that is a mouthfull of a lie because it does and there are sports that help reduce and burn fat while increasing your phisical resistances. If you’re gonna be lazy and endulge in ways to take your lazyness to a whole new level that the fat cells wont burn and the fat while stick onto you like a parasite. I’m not saying that sports is the best way to burn the fat but it does help and it also helps you health on a long term basis.People who actually do sports are more healthy than does who don’t. (
  3. The line of food and even cooked food. Have you ever watched the differences between American cooking shows and other country related cooking shows? Let me give you an example of how Americans are educated to cook ( I am very aware that some oils are healthy like olive oil, coconut oil and palm oils but i can tell you one thing. European countries don’t use so much oil in their food because it tastes fat and it includes a lot of fat too. Another thing about Americans is that most of their food is a combination of a lot of fats and proteins which isn’t exactly bad if you don’t overexceed it but in most cases, they do. People don’t eat healthy food there but then again, they barely have time to cook and when they do, they take examples from others. Most of the American examples of cooking use condiments, oils and other fat related substances excessively so ofcourse they don’t loose weight when they are taught wrongfully on how they should eat. Let’s also take the fact that their jobs don’t actually permit them to cook but to eat from restaurants or fast foods which is even worse if you actually want to loose weight. Think of all that McDonald and any other fries that are drenched in the burning oil and how much that affects your weight. Some studies show that one of the healthiest foods from a fast food is the shaorma without the fries so people, loose those oil drenched fries next time. If you also want to take examples on how to cook take examples from countries that have a lower percentage of obesity because they are doing something right.
  4. The lack of enablers like „body positive”, „fat shaming”, „body shaming”. Yes, i call them enablers because most of the overweight people have started to use them as such and get offended by people telling them to get healthy. It’s not about getting offended and it’s not even about how you look but about your health. If someone gets popular by calling people fat, people get offended and start sending pictures of themselves of how they feel good in their overweight body. So how is fat shaming an enabler? It creates a bubble of confort in which the individual starts believing that it’s actually ok to be the way they are no matter what others say and it’s a way to lash at others who don’t agree with them. Body positive is another enabler lately that has been used by obese people for the same argument as fat shaming. Body shaming on the other hand doesn’t stop to overweight people but includes skinny people also. Well newsflash, it’s neither good to be underweight nor overweight so people stop using body positive as enablers and accept the facts and reality. This mentality of using those words as enablers has started to go off the grid in countries like America, Canada and Australia but if you actually look how many use it you will find that obese or overweight people are the ones that are constantly using it to excuse their unhealthy behaviour.
  5. The media and especially the popular media is sending the wrong message. Lately if you look at the media, it either promotes skinny people or obese people who are confortable in their body. Well, doesn’t it suck when the healthiest way is actually in between ? What example does the media give when it promotes two unhealthy stereotipes and encourages people to feel confortable in their own body. How about feeling confortable in a healthy body? Why don’t they promote that instead? Because then, people would stop eating unhealthy food or would stop giving up so much money on unhealhy and expensive products to keep their proteins in check (skinny related) or on so much medicine to keep their immune sistem up. Also if you actually look at the overweight persons who come in the media rooms and tell how healthy they are, they are gonna lie. I just want to see one of them coming up with all medical tests made on the air and a real doctor to actually confirm that they are healthy because otherwise i refuse to believe that you didn’t lie when you said you were healthy. Let’s not even take in check all those scientific studies that use the words ” on long term they have a higher risk of developping diseasese like x, y). You see, even if you’re healthy now, most of the studies say that on a long term which can mean from 5 to 30 years later, this fat packages will affect your health. I don’t say there can be exceptions to the cases but general wise, these things occur.
  6. The expensive health system and the stress. These are also two things that can affect the obesity rate because unlike other countries, the Americans have a way expensive health system than in other countries so who does want to actually get proffesional help, will have to pay a lot for it and sometimes people just don’t have money. There are obese people who have indeed lost weight but since the skin has been deeply stretched, they would also need a surgery to look good. Some just don’t have money for it so they stress themselves out and then get back to their original weight which is a really bad thing. Also, the stress of their work can cause a tiring time enough to stop doing things that could benefit their health and engage in unhealthy behavioural aspects. That’s why sports from my former point are good because it helps you in both ways: reduce the stress and also burn fat.

These are my points on this subject and to people who get offended… i don’t care because as much as you’re gonna play the genetic card and how it isn’t your fault, you know those are just lies because unless you have the syndroms then behavioural aspect if as much as important as genetics are. Yeah, you were bullied for how you looked but guess what, people actually mature themselves and take better ways than getting offended at everything and actually do things that benefit them. Those who cry on youtube that someone called them fat are just plain seeking attention because at some point, we all have been bullied but some of us grew up and learned that when you take bulling as a joke, it stops.

#rockthecrop or how to express your frustrations.

Has anyone seen this twitter trend lately? You might think it’s all with good intentions but i highly doubt it and after spending some time reading, I came to some conclusions.

Definition of fashion: a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.

Let’s take this definition which tells us that it’s non related to the human emotion but only to the body. So, regarding that… we have specialists in fashion that give you advice on how to match clothes, on the chrome, the model, the size and then we have #rockthecrop. What i’m saying is that #rockthecrop is a movement not meant to inspire or even show that you look good in crops. This is a movement meant to empower plus size women emotionally. It’s unrelated to fashion itself or even to body shaming.

What does fashion have to do emotion, ladies and gents? NOTHING.

So, we have these women thinking it’s right to bash someone and call out that they have been body shaming? Really? Just because it’s actually an old fashion tip, you have to come to bash out this guy for that one statement ( if, and only if) . Why bash him? not because you have better fashion advices but because it created an emotional frustration that you’re told not to do something. Let’s be real.. how many from #rockthecrop wear crops at least 2 times a week? I assume, not many but all of them came out today to prove they are righteous and beautifull. What does fashion have to do with the beauty of women? Basically NOTHING.

Why? Because the only beauty found in fashion is the material, superficial beauty of the combined clothes or garments themselves. So how is it that people can’t be rational enough to understand that this is a movement that is actually unrelated to the topic itself. This is the movement of frustrated women who instead of bringing out a new fashion trend, they try to change the old ones. It’s so hard to bring out new fashion trends right? So damn hard.

This is a movement that is full of emotional vibrations in a domain unrelated to it. This is not body shaming, this is not even fat shaming, this is fashion and accept it or not, it’s not a domain supposed to pamper your emotions.

If you actually watch the discussions on twitterl, at #rockthecrop you will see messages like:

Watching talk about – You go ladies! Let’s put an end to body shaming and be

Yes, because one fashionists opinion is body shaming, no matter how many years of excperience he has in his back in this proffession.

„Fat isn’t cute” yet, here I am fatter than ever and ready to steal your girl and your crop tops.

Release the Krakken, i mean built up frustration.

I’m doing it this weekend. Fuck anybody who has the nerve to tell me what I can’t do. Bitch I’m me! Slay ladies!

 This is like actually telling a tennager ” don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t be rude” and he does all of them for the pure reason that he was told not to do them.

HELLZ YEAH FEMALES – can’t wait to get home and crop-top the shit out of my confidence.

Let’s not go to the fact that you couldn’t tell anyone a different opinion tthat the topic would go to being insulted, exaggerating to the point where if you criticize you could make someone go suicidal. ( i laughed so much when i first read that). Oh, and forget expressing your opinion if you disagree because that’s freedom of speech, right? I highly doubt it.  So yes most people have freedom of speech but don’t you dare have a freedom of speech if you disagree with them.
That’s the messed up world in which we live in today.