Romanians are coming: Britain’s uncultured science fiction show

Have you seen the show Romanians are coming? Well, if you have then how about i tell you a bit of history since it seems that the Brittish people who made that show, lack serious culture.

Let’s begin with who are romanians and who are gypsyes?

Romanians are first and foremost the people who live in Romania but who are we really? We’re a country with corupt politicians, with a serious animal control problem, sometimes a country of jerks and bimbos but also a country full of great people. Yes, every country has it’s bad sides and so do we but that shouldn’t portray every romanian.

Who are the gypsyes? Gypsyes originally came from Northern India and well, they decided to invade several countries in Europe around 1000 years ago.

This, my friends is the first fault of the show „Romanians are coming” because they don’t differentiate gypsyes from Romanians and you can clearly see at the begining of the show that the guy says that he’s a gypsy. Just because they are from the country Romania, should we judge them as Romanians? I’d say no because they are a minority and every person with a bit of intelligence knows that a minority doesn’t make a country, right? Are the British intelligent for that show? No, they are pretty much trying to put a bad name to our country because while they and other countries have grown pitty towards the gypsies, they can’t control them either when placed against the situation.

I’m wondering, do the British know even who are the Romanians walking among them? The brilliant students from their colleges or even our great people that made a historical difference in different domains? Let’s recall those people so we can teach the British who we are and maybe next time, they wont make these silly mistakes.

For more of great Romanians, we have wikipedia 😉

Just because we are a poor country with a gypsy problem, doesn’t mean that we are a country of dum people or thieves but that documentary prooves that even Britain has it’s flaws .oh boy, those are deep flaws if they can’t even inform themselves or lack so much historical information.

Moving on, this show not only defamates our country but also it wants to represent the state that we live in. Well, dears you only filmed the bad streets of the town because i’m pretty sure that it doesn’t look like that. People actually live in a Home and not in tents. You see, even the beggars have started to lessen because people stop giving them money.

After so many years of seeing the gypsies and having encounteres with them, we learned how to actually deal with them so their option was to travel. We stopped being so naive so they travelled to Britain and other countries whom are not used to them. Basically, you guys are fresh meat.

Eventhough now i’m talking badly of them, i will admit that there are some who deserve all admiration and whom are brilliant, moral and have ended in high places that they deserve. There aren’t many but those deserved to be praised and i bet even they are not agreeing to be compared to the gypsies that Britain has shown in their show.

So please, Britain take a history book and stop making these silly mistakes because it doesn’t make us look bad as much as it makes you.