Facebook or the new social police

Remember all those social platforms where you could make accounts with the name you actually desired? Not necessarily because you didn’t like your own name but you liked the idea of being someone else or of not being known by everyone who just stumbles upon your profile. Nobody likes that since there are so many fucked up people that can actually see your picture and your name and get a lot more info from your facebook page than they get from yellow pages.

So i probably would have understood if facebook was a FBI database to keep track of people on social media presenting personality traits of your next criminal offenders but it’s not and it has given a lot of power to the users. First of all if facebook was actually serios with it’s line of reports than i would totally understand why all these precautions but unfortunately, it’s not.

Lately, the only reports or majority of reports that people will complain of are the name reports. Yes, it’s silly and it gives a lot of power to the users who don’t have a real enough reason to report others. See if you’re a person with 2 names and your real name is composed of 3 than you’re elligible for reports and getting your page deleted. It doesn’t matter that your facebook page contains 2 real names because  you don’t have the third. Yes, facebook users and report managers are that desperate. You cannot hide your name because it requires the picture of an ID.

So what is Facebook doing with this? does it want to seem transparent and forces it’s users to be transparent too? Does it collect names and information for the all conspiracy theories that we can all think of? Well it sure does seem like it since all of the other reports aren’t taken seriously.

So what about all the other reports? You know, when you see a page that shouldn’t be there because it[‘s promoting violence against humans/animals and you simply report it but you get the message from facebook that the page is fine and the reports don’t meet the requirements? Because even if that’s clearly a page that violates the facebook policy of hate speech/ violence/ propaganda/ harassment it will not be taken down by facebook who seems to have a high up in the sky requirement for these kind of pages to be deleted. So, basically an innocent person who just didn’t want to give her full name can have its account deleted but these pages, no.

When that happens, let’s say you actually give your picture with the id to solve this thing but it puts you in a waiting time. Seriously, how much do you have to wait for this problem to be solved? If you search the internet, you will find people that have been waiting even for 6 months so that they can get back their account or are still waiting. What is up with this dear facebook?

Why does facebook put such an importance on such a minor issue like the name and put such a low importance on other problems that are clearly more of importance than the name? What is wrong with you, facebook? Why do you give the users such a great power regarding a name and you’re unable to solve more important issues like violence, harassment, hate speech and offensive pages/ posts and people?

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